• Please come to Sklinic for problems related to skin, hair or nails. Below is the list of common conditions for which patients seek treatment. Kindly note that this is an indicative list and you can visit us for any problem related to skin, hair or nails.
  • 1. Acne / Pimples

    2. White Spots

    3. Black / Dark Spots

    4. Rashes on Face / Body

    5. Growths Warts on Face or Body

    6. Moles

    7. Wrinkles and Any Problem Arising from Ageing of Skin

    8. Dullness of Face

    9. Excessive Dryness or Flaking (Scaling) of Skin

    10. Hair Loss

    11. Damaged Hair

    12. Dandruff

    13. Hair Growth on Face of Girls and Women

    14. Nails - Change of Color, Damaged

    15. Mouth - Ulcers, White Patches

    16. Patches on Skin with Loss of or Decreased Sensation